May 2018 Multi Business School Event

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Thursday, May 10, 2018
6:00pm— 8:30pm
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Stoel Rives LLP
760 SW 9th Ave
Portland, OR 97205
United States
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The next Multi Business School Event has been set for May 10th.
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On Thursday  May 10th at 6:00pm, Harvard Business School Professor Joe Fuller will be giving a talk about "Managing the Future of Work".
The event is being sponsored by Stoel Rives and Hyland Estates Winery.
Since the skills/employability agenda is a big issue in the northwest region, he will be keynoting the Talent Summit of Business Leaders conference the next day with Governor Brown.  This will give you a chance to hear about his research in a more intimate setting.
About Joseph Fuller - 

Joseph Fuller is a Professor of Management Practice in General Management and co-leads the school’s initiative, Managing the Future of Work. He currently teaches the General Management Processes and Action course in the second year of the MBA program and formerly headed The Entrepreneurial Manager course in the program’s first year. A 1981 graduate of HBS, Joe was one of six founders of the global consulting firm, Monitor Group, now Monitor-Deloitte. (along with Michael Porter and four others)

He served as the Chief Executive Officer of Monitor's commercial consulting operations until 2006 and remained a Senior Advisor to the firm until its acquisition by Deloitte in 2012. During his three decades in consulting, Fuller worked with senior executives and policymakers on a wide variety of issues related to corporate strategy and national competitiveness. He has particularly deep experience in industries with a heavy reliance on technology, such as life sciences, ICT and the defense and aerospace industries. He is currently researching the evolution of the role of the CEOs and the C-suite in public companies.


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